Novello, which was the seat of the marquisate of the lords of the cart and imperial fief, surrounded by history, art and vineyards, and offers to the visitor a return to a life of serenity and beauty. one can find here unique landscapes with trekking itineraries available, country chapels and genuine Langa cuisine, rich in rustic and refined flavors.

Here the guest is as sacred: the town winds along the ridge of the hill according to a linear design. the visitor who crosses it along the main road, an axis of which the buildings were arranged over the centuries, cannot fail to see that in his past this village had in the neighborhood a leading role. As Zaira, the invisible city of Italo Calvino, Novello “ does not tell its past,but contains it as lines of a hand written in the corners of the street “, in the f.acades of churches and houses, in the squares and the streets that descend from the center towards the vineyards, the fields, the woods, the farmhouses and the constellation of hamlets:

In the ancient area of the wedge-shaped town, the attentive visitor observes some strongholds, the arched gates to access the center, the parish church and the church of the confraternity, built in the 700, the castle, the palace of the 15th century, perhaps seat of the Bargelli, and among these buildings one can notice the rustic architecture, sighs of a civilization that has been and is still predominantly agricultural.

The village is included in the path of “the road of Barolo and great wines of Langa”, which winds through the following municipalities: Barolo, La Morra, Grinzane Cavour, Monforte,Novello and other 6 municipalities, where the sun, the vines, the earth and the love of the land, produce the divine nectar of the most famous and well-known Piedmont red wines.


The panoramic terrace is one of the attractive points of this small and harmonious hotel.

It overlooks the hills of the lower Langa and on the last stretch of the Padana plain, at the times of the Romans , area of cattle breeding and agricultural production.

In autumn , a spell of colors surrounds this place. The color of the vineyards ( green, yellow, garnet and red) after the harvest exalts on the gray background of the Alps while in spring the green and yellow shine on the white background of the snow that covers our beautiful mountains .


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